photo by Louise Bichan

Hailed as "the songwriter's songwriter" by the Newport Folk Festival, Ian Fitzgerald has been criss-crossing the country over the past several years singing what he's written.  After having picked up the guitar in his late teens with the simple goal of learning to play the songs of others that had become so integral to his life, Ian began in his early 20s to write songs of his own.  Ian's first attempts at songwriting coincided with a deepening appreciation of early folk music, which helped establish the path he would follow with his own work.  After three albums in quick succession, Ian evaluated what he'd learned about the songwriting and record-making processes and applied those lessons to his two most recent albums, No Time To Be Tender and You Won't Even Know I'm Gone.

Based in New England, Ian has performed as a solo act for the better part of a decade. Following the release of You Won’t Even Know I’m Gone, Ian assembled a band to bring that album’s fuller arrangements to the stage. That band, dubbed Ian Fitzgerald & Something Else by its other members, has also revisited and rearranged some of Ian’s older songs. The band’s traditional two guitars/(upright) bass/drums lineup places Ian’s songs squarely in the current wave of Americana and roots rock. As an unintended consequence, however, that louder outlet has refocused Ian’s solo performances, allowing him to create something more dynamically intimate with guitar and voice alone.

The result, over these past few years, has been a growing recognition of Ian's work and songwriting ability. Ian maintains a touring schedule of about 100 shows per year which has brought him, so far, to 39 states. Ian has performed both solo and with full band at the Newport Folk Festival. He has been featured in the Emerging Artist Showcase at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. And he has opened for such notable artists as Iris DeMent, Joan Shelley, Darlingside, The Ballroom Thieves, Anna & Elizabeth, Matt the Electrician, Willy Mason, and many more.  In early 2019, Ian will release an EP of duets with Rachel Sumner. He is also in the process of writing and preparing to record his next solo album.

Fitzgerald is a polished songsmith who is high atop a field of great artists breaking through to festivals and folk concerts throughout the states... He is a tender songwriter who composes with a flair and golden heart, seeking out faith over all obstacles and the burning flame of hope; his songs really take you on a journey - Performer Magazine

Fitzgerald has a knack for an evocative melody, as evidenced on the soothing "Let's Go Down To Memphis," the lilting duet "Melinda Down The Line," and the strikingly magisterial "The Devil You Know." The lyrics are often transcendent, as on "Walks Like Tussaud," which is evocative of Leonard Cohen. Fitzgerald is a talent to be reckoned with. - The Noise

No Time To Be Tender is stripped down, understated brilliance. The songs here are so good, it will take many well spent hours listening to them just to figure out how good. - The Alternate Root