Sing Me An Old Tune (released 02.14.19)

An EP of duets recorded live by Ian and Rachel Sumner at National Sound Studio. Rachel performs vocals, lead guitar, and ukulele, while Ian adds vocals, guitar, and some whistling. The EP features new takes on one of Rachel’s originals; one of Ian’s originals; and three classic tunes.

You Won't Even Know I'm Gone (released 11.18.16)

Ian is accompanied on half of his new record by Smith&Weeden; the rest of the album features a variety musicians, including MorganEve Swain (The Huntress and Holder of HandsBrown Bird), co-producer Eric LichterJames MapleJesse Hanson, Amato Zinno (The Z-Boys), and Dustin Meadows (The Meadows Brothers).

No Time To Be Tender (released 02.26.13)

Recorded and mixed in four days at Dirt Floor in Chester, CT, No Time To Be Tender features musical contributions from Eric Lichter, Courtney Gallagher, and Brian Battles.  According to The Alternate Root, "The songs here are so good it will take many well spent hours listening to them just to figure out how good."

Empty Like The Lion Den (released 09.12.09)

Ian's first record at Dirt Floor features Eric Lichter, Brian Battles, MorganEve Swain, and Ed Iarusso.